• Get Ready for Party Season with Nailberry

    I’ve been a Nailberry fan for the last couple of years, I love a good DIY manicure but I was increasingly bothered by the chemicals in my nail polishes (like formaldehyde.. Yep the stuff we…

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    A word on burnout to my old, and often forgetful, current self

    Burnout as a concept didn’t seem to exist until recent years, certainly as a word it only came on to my radar in my late 20’s. In the wake of millennial, multi-faceted careers, the steep…

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    TRIED & TESTED: Rituals Cosmetics Intense Nutrition Hair Mask

    My hair is my most loved and at times most neglected accessory and in the Winter it just always needs a bit of a boost which is why I was very excited to receive this…

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    Get Your Winter Glow with Tropic Skincare

    It gets to Winter and our beauty routines always need a bit of a switch up. If you’ve been following along for a while than you probably saw last years post about switching up your…

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    TRIED & TESTED: Organic Basics

    Now it’s not often that I collaborate with brands, I always want to be absolutely certain that they align with PrettyGreenLife’s message and that it’s something that you guys would benefit from, but when Organic…

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