5 Apps to Help You Live A Little Greener this Year

Given that the average person checks their phone up to 100 times a day and spends around 3-4 HOURS scrolling, typing and staring at those little rectangular screen each and ever y day I thought it was high time I shared the apps that I can’t live without making greener, low impact living easier than ever.

If you are looking at overhauling your beauty cabinets then you have to download Think Dirty, this brilliant app allows you to search products, scan bar codes and learn more about the ingredients inside all those tubes and bottles! You can make decisions easily thanks to the simple traffic light system for toxicity levels, discovering brands that are safer and healthier for you, your family and the planet!

All the world’s nearly one billion hungry people could be fed on less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the US, UK and Europe. Just let that sink in for a minute. Olio is here to help reduce that as a food swapping app. Think of it like Gumtree for food you aren’t going to eat, it’s great if you are strapped for cash, or are clearing out your cupboards of all those tins you never use, or those veggies you bought too many of!

Meditation is phenomenally good for you. It influences everything making you calmer, more focused, more productive, I always notice improvements in my work, relationships and sleep whenever I do it. Get yourself Insight or Calm for easy guided sessions that will make meditation simple and accessible.

Making shopping for sustainable fashion choices SO MUCH EASIER. We all know fast fashion is a huge issue, but quite simply those smaller brands that are doing it better just don’t get the same public attention. Good For You makes it easy to discover new brands and you can utilise their grading system to help find the kindest, greenest options.

Last year researchers at the University of Oxford found that not eating meat and dairy products can reduce a person’s carbon footprint by up to 73% . Yes you are reading that, it is within your power to reduce your environmental impact by almost THREE QUARTERS simply by choosing to not consume animal products. I always feel like its a bizarre misconception that vegans don’t like food, or don’t eat out (I promise you, at least in my circle it’s literally all we talk about!) so I’m very glad I can introduce you to Happy Cow!
Happy Cow is here to make finding vegan and vegetarian food options out and about whilst you travel the world a breeze for everyone. Search by city to find a whole host of businesses that provide vegan menus so regardless of your chosen dietary label you can always find great food options that are infinitely kinder for you, the planet and ALL of it’s residents.

Enjoy this? Got any other apps that you’d recommend to help you live a more intentional low impact life? Share them below!


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