7 Intentions For 2020

I’m not the biggest on New Years Resolutions, the cliched pledges to change your whole life to only find yourself defeated and lacking motivation a week later, the unrealistic expectations of yourself, and the slightly strange assumption that the previous years version of you somehow wasn’t good enough. Anyway, that’s why this year I’m writing ‘intentions’ instead, less ‘a firm decision to do something’ more a general aim in the right direction…

    I love my family dearly, but with several hours between us and nearly a decade under my belt since I left I increasingly go home less and less and am often guilty of taking all of them for granted, so in 2020 I want to create some real time for them, not just popping over for a cuppa, but planned trips and things to do so we can all enjoy a little more quality time!
    As someone who runs not just this blog from my phone, but also my business which is allllll about social media and being online, being ‘OFF’ is a concept that feels quite hard. So whether it’s a morning each week or ideally an entire day, I want to make friends with aeroplane mode and carve time for uninterrupted, painting/cooking/reading/social time that does NOT need to be instagrammed in real time!
    This one applies to my business and to this blog. I’ve loved growing this space this year, and I’m incredibly proud of the brands I’ve been able to work with and the community that is growing here but next year I want to serve you all better. So I want to aim for more regular newsletters with predictable time slots, more consistent content and more connecting with the PrettyGreenLife community. Hold me to it guys!!
    Man I’ve missed running this Winter. Basically I need to put the work in to repair my old hip/knee injuries and this time do it properly so I can enjoy years of running as a stronger athlete instead of months of good sessions followed by months of none at all…I’ve got all the gear, I know what I need to do, but this time it needs to be a priority.
    It took a big leap to bring my painting work as Lizzie Doyle back into the spotlight in 2019 but now I’m ready to see how far it can go, I want to paint bigger pieces and host a city centre exhibition…watch this space!t
    Last year I did start to renew my love of reading, but it disappeared once again under a pile of work and excuses towards the Winter so this year I’d like to make an effort to really dedicate time to it, perhaps set one book a month to really escape into. Check out my 12 Books in 12 Months list which I’ll keep adding to as we go!
    By business as a Social Media Consultant and Lifestyle Photographer happened almost entirely by accident last year and it has been the most enormous blessing, it is such a privilege to work with my little team of independents and to nurture and build something from scratch, moulding it into exactly what I want it to be. What started as a simple goal ‘create a job that only requires a Wifi connection’ is now so much bigger, I want a newsletter, online training, a Facebook Community, and to be able to collaborate with as many small businesses as possible, helping them to tell their stories in the most exciting authentic way possible! And all whilst keeping the incredible freedom I’ve gained this year. It’s time to aim a little higher…!

And that’s it, nothing toooo drastic, just more tweaks, more peace and more dreaming, how are you starting off your new decade? I’d love to hear what lessons you are bringing forward into 2020 and what intentions you are setting! Keep in touch!


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