Candle Making with Cole&Co

Mindful activities have somewhat slipped out of my agenda in the last 6 months as I poured everything in to laying the foundations of my business so when the wonderful Cole&Co asked if I wanted to attend their first candle making workshop earlier this month I decided this would be the first step to reset the balance!

It’s no secret that Cole&Co’s candles are amongst my FAVOURITES, there’s usually two or three scattered around the apartment at any one time so whiling away a couple of hours learning the art of blending essential oils and being let loose designing my own signature fragrance was a dreeeamy idea!
With brews poured and our mixing stations all set up we settled in to learn about some of the fragrances we had to choose from! Essential oils have the power to uplift, calm, focus and energise the mind and using the art of aromatherapy the team at Cole&Co talk you through the potential mental health benefits of creating a mindful candle, and the peace it can bring to your home.

GERANIUM – promotes emotional balance, uplifting
SPEARMINT – reduces anxiety, boosts focus
LEMON – increases energy, boosts alertness, uplifting
ROSEMARY – promotes emotional balance
SAGE – decreases depression, relieves stress
LAVENDER – a sleeping aid, reduces stress and anxiety
NEROLI – mood booster, decreases depression, uplifting
MANDARIN – mood booster, reduces anxiety
EUCALYTPUS – reduces anxiety, boosts focus
YLANG YLANG – mood booster, increases energy, reduces stress

I knew I wanted to create a candle that would calm my mind and help me focus better when I work from home so opted for a mix of eucalyptus, lemon, spearmint & rosemary and BOY does it smell good!!
After mixing our oils, to the right ratios, and with the wax kindly melted for us, ready to go, we stuck our wicks into our glasses and poured our personalised mixes in!

Whilst we waited for the wax to set (about 20 minutes) we set about mindfully colouring in some labels ready to add for the final flourish, and everyone chatted amongst themselves and browsed the shop, topping up on refillables and soap!
You couldn’t find a more calming, friendly space to spend a few hours and at the price of a candle, just £20, you learn a new skill, enjoy some bonding time with loved ones AND get to take your own unique blend home to bring you hours of enjoyment!

I know that I’ll be back again and again, to try out new combinations depending on what my mind needs and can’t wait to see what is next for this beautiful family company!

Want to learn more about Cole&Co? Check out my interview with Hannah here, or head over to their website!

In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak all events are postponed but you can still support Cole&Co through their website and enjoy free shipping on all orders.
Be sure to grab a ticket to their next event when all of this has passed!


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