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When my lovely friend Nicki told me about the ECO Eyewear range I was so excited. I have been a glasses obsessive for as long as I can remember, as a child I wore glasses for years and loved the trips to the opticians to try on every pair in the shop (even though I inevitably came out with the same pair in pink and gold every single time!) and as I got older sunglasses became my favourite accesssory. Each summer I end up picking out a few new pairs in the latest colours or shapes. But as I continue on this journey of greener living, my shopping habits is something I keep trying to look closer at, as I try to make more quality choices, from companies putting ethics as a priority, that will stand the test of time. (No more £2 shades from Primark) And so I wanted to introduce you to a brand, who places sustainable materials alongside beautiful design and a sense of social responsibility, partnering with a foundation to create a greener future.

From the team behind MODO Eyewear, who also work to provide vision screenings, and corrections to children in India with every sale, ECO was established in 2009 and set out to use recycled stainless steel for their metal frames, and renewable vegetable castor seed oil for the Biobased range to create a collection of eyewear that gives a more socially responsible purchase option to consumers.

Working with Trees For The Future ECO Eyewear sales support their efforts by planting a tree for every pair sold, currently that is 2MILLION trees and counting!! Allowing Trees For The Future to continue their work with over 3000 farming families across Africa, providing workshops, education, seeds and trees to restore their environments and allow communities to support their families and livestock. Together creating a greener world.

FUJI in Dark Purple Tortoise

This week to celebrate Earth Day 2019, ECO Eyewear are upping their game doubling their efforts, planting TWO trees for every pair of glasses sold. So if you’ve been looking for a better choice to kick off a summer of sustainable swaps then let it start here.
I have to say a huge thank you to the team at ECO for gifting me two pairs of their lovely sunglasses to review this week. They are stylish, lightweight, and the Fuji frames in particular have a really beautiful filter on the lenses that I absolutely adore. Their slick, minimal designs are both creative and classic, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more. I’m particularly loving the genius technology behind their clip on range meaning you can take your ECO prescriptions frames and via a simple magnet transform them into stylish shades.

I can’t wait to share more #sustainablesummer tips over the next few months, let’s make it the best yet!
Have you tried ECO Eyewear? Got any other brands worth checking out? Be sure to leave all your thoughts in the comments!

wearing JILIN in Tortoiseshell

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