Eating Out: Gin & Juice, Cardiff

Looking for a dreamy brunch spot in Cardiff? You’ve come to the right place. Anyone who knows me will know that breakfast for me is the most important meal of the day. I just LOVE it. With an endless supply of options, the benefits to your health proven countless times, and in my experience a slow, considered start to the day does endless goodness for your mental wellbeing, calming anxiety, aiding mindfullness, if I have the chance I will choose breakfast out over dinner, every, single, time.

Last weekend we stepped into Gin&Juice in Cardiff amidst glorious sunshine and were rewarded by the most phenomenal breakfast I’ve had in a long time, that sent me straight back to Bali and those blissful Canggu mornings. Part of the Barker Coffeehouse family this cosy little shop on St Mary’s Street has all of their signature design flair, with mismatch furniture, picture frames on the ceilings and the perfect blend of shabby artists home meet glamorous vintage cocktail bar. An extensive gin list aside the food menu is where it is AT, smoothies bowls, fresh juices, salads, it is brimming with healthy nutritious dishes that look as beautiful as they taste!

The coffee, as always is fantastic, the music is relaxed, the staff are friendly, if you are looking for a chic, healthy breakfast to make the most of this summer sunshine then you need to visit…and if brunch turns into lunch then I guess you’ll get to ask G&T’s to your order too….



Have you visited Gin&Juice? Got any other recommendations for Cardiff Brunch spots? Pop them in the comments!



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