Exploring Cotswold Lavender

Another glorious weekend has dawned on the UK as the heatwave sets in for the long haul, and with a second visit to the confetti fields already in the diary I added a new destination onto this weeks hit list. Cotswold Lavender. I had once again seen some incredible photos on Instagram of these amazing swathes of purple but had always assumed they were in the South of France, not less that 2 hours from our front door!

When we arrived we were spoiled to the most epic sight. A sea of bright, vibrant voilet, humming with honey bees as they set to work gathering from these beautiful flowers. As we danced amongst the bushes with our ice lollies and water bottles you really could have forgiven us for thinking we had been transported to another place entirely. Surrounded by glorious Cotswold hills you can take in the entire crop before exploring the distillery where the enormous harvest will be turned into essential oils ready for the farms beautiful range of products.

Head over the road to raid their barn shop, with every lavender related item you can imagine, traditional pillows to scent your drawers, skincare, candles even tea & chocolate! Before relaxing in the cafe, with cake and ice cream all infused with this versatile plant to truly finish off your visit.

Words really don’t do this little slice of heaven justice, so I will simply say put it on your list of places to see this Summer and head on over ASAP. You will not be disappointed.


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