Fruit Farming at Hendrewennol

Just 20 minutes away, hidden in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan countryside, is a PrettyGreen gem. Hendrewennol Fruit Farm is brimming with fruit plants and is not only easy to get to, its a bargain day trip, plus it solves all of our plastic free fruit needs!

With storm clouds over head but the rain holding off for now I was determined to squeeze in a visit to this gorgeous fruit farm for my final Saturday of Plastic Free July! Smoothies are quite common place here as a breakfast on the go, but as we have become more aware of our plastic waste we have had to cut out all berries and smoothie mixes from our weekly shop. Whilst we are without our own garden I’ve been on the hunt for a solution to our berry shortage and Hendrewennol was the perfect answer. At just £1.50/adult  and £3.50 for children including baskets, punnets, adventure trail and play area, there is loads to explore plus a beautiful cafe shop to refuel after a few hours of running around the fields.

You can currently fill up on Strawberries, Raspberries, Currants and Blueberries with Gooseberries, Blackberries and Pumpkins also available throughout the year (check their Facebook page for harvest updates).

You can easily while away HOURS here, amongst some of the largest fruit plants I’ve ever seen (the raspberries were UNREAL, a friendly chat with the staff explained their secrets) and with fresh fruit guaranteed right through until September you can wander and stock up to your hearts content week after week if you needed to!

Zero waste friends will spot that the punnets given to you on arrival are plastic..BUT the lovely staff were delighted when we spoke to them about our plastic free mission and said they would encourage everyone to simply bring their own! All containers, tupperware, paperbags, whatever you’ve got simply get weighed and stickered on arrival and then you can fill up as you go. Alternatively do what we did…utilise their punnets to keep your fruit separate (which you have to do to pay anyway) then just pour the whole lot into your cardboard basket when you leave and those plastic punnets will simply be washed, reused and recycled by the farm.

In terms of pricing, I’d say that they were very competitive with the supermarkets, and when you throw in the fact that it is all fresh, local produce that you’ve had the fun of picking yourself (and without the unwanted packaging) it is the perfect solution for Summer Saturdays. Kids will love it, but equally adults will too, it was a real treat to indulge in such a simple, rewarding task.

Below are some per kilo costs and hopefully you are inspired to plan your own visit to this amazing Welsh garden!

Strawberries £6.85/kg. 
Raspberries £11.95/kg.
Red Currants £6.85/kg. 
Black Currants £6.85/kg
Blueberries £15.00/kg


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