Introducing the Colour Palette from Tropic Skincare

Last month saw the most anticipated Tropic release I’ve been a part of since I joined this gorgeous company, after 3 years in the making we finally saw our cosmetics range get a makeover, and it went above and beyond all my expectations.

What this launch essentially came down to was real life. Where I had expected huge palettes with lots of colours and options and an expansion on our range to suit every beauty addicts dreams instead we were given solutions that were elegant, adaptable and most importantly, sustainable. With 90% of women using the same makeup everyday, the need for enormous choice and wacky colours as showcased by so many YouTube and Instagram stars is actually pretty minimal. The average woman might own 50 items in her makeup bag but we only use about 9 a day and that includes our brushes, and with life being busier than ever, actually what a lot of us really want is great value, beautiful products that don’t go to waste. (How many people actually use every colour in their eye-shadow palettes?? )
So with that in mind, let me show you the star in the crown of the new REFILLABLE, range that puts you in the driving seat, so that you can curate a minimal makeup bag with only the products you actually use. No more contour kits where the blush gets wasted, no more need for multiple palettes for different parts of your face, no more only using 2 of the 4 eye-shadows except for that one time at Christmas when you try something new. This is the era of flexible, natural beauty.

Meet your new dream Colour Palette that YOU design. Choose from hundreds of combinations to build your look, with cream and powder formulations available you can design your day to day makeup and only have to travel with one item that’s not much bigger than your phone! You can switch it up for holidays (how much easier is packing going to be?!), swap the magnetic trays in and out to take your day look to night, and most importantly when something runs out you don’t have to replace the whole case, just that tray. Less money, less waste, better choices.
With 4 contour shades, 3 bronzers, 6 blushes, 5 highlighters, 13 eye-shadows, 3 eyeliners, 6 brow options and a setting powder you will be spoiled for choice. Oh and enjoy getting creative with products that can work for multiple things, brow powders that work as subtle eyeliners, highlighters that multitask as eye-shadow, blush creams that can be used as lip tints. This palette is the ultimate tool for creating the most minimal ethical makeup bag possible.

Choose from three different layouts of trays depending on what products you use most and then start designing! My winning day time combination involves a large bronzer, cream concealer, powder highlight, brow pomade and shimmery eyeshadow with the highlighter and bronzer often doubling up as eye products, and in the evening I simply swap out the concealer for a black powder eyeliner and a dark contouring eye shadow!

I think this is a product that for many will hail the end of complicated beauty routines and allow anyone to build a sustainable routine that is kind to you skin, planet and wallet and I cannot wait to continue experimenting with combinations! Grab yours here for £68 .. which options will you choose?

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since release, lipstick trays have also been added to this incredible collection of products as well as a growing selection of shimmering eyeshadows bringing even more variety to your selections