Natural Cycles – living hormone free

Natural Cycles – living hormone free

On my journey to chemical free living my pill has been one of the last things I’ve said goodbye to. It just dawned on me one day that I’d spent 7 years putting something in my system without actually knowing what it was or what it was doing. It was just convenient.
So at the start of this year I switched to Natural Cycles in a bid to finally get to know my own body and learn what normal is for me. It seemed like the scariest thing at first, and it did take a few weeks for me to stop waking up in panic because I hadn’t taken my pill, but 4 months in, it has been a breath of fresh air in terms of understanding my own body and cycle. I am so glad to now see so many influencers talking and educating other women on these choices, because we always have options & we all have the right to be better informed.
Of course no one answer suits everyone, and obviously this is not a substitute for safe sex, and you still have to be responsible and have a routine so that the app can give the most accurate data, but if you are looking for a fresh, hormone free alternative then this handy little thermometer is certainly worth a look. Check back in a few months and I’ll make sure to do an update 1 year in.


If you want to join me hormone free then follow the link below for 10% off your annual subscription plus a free basal thermometer


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