Pressing Refresh at Goji Hair, Pontcanna

I love my hair, it’s my favourite accessory but this year in particular it has been massively neglected. With 9 months of none stop work I simply haven’t prioritised a trip to the salon, I’ve also been increasingly aware that whilst I continue to make more and more effort at home with the products I use on my hair, I’ve never paid that much attention to the salon choices I make. A chance visit to Pontcanna in the summer put Goji on my radar, a gorgeous, cruelty free, organic hair salon championing the use of more responsible haircare. This week, I finally booked in.

The team are efficient and super welcoming, with text reminders and a quick phone call to check on me when I was running 10minutes late (note: parking in Pontcanna is horrendous, lesson learned don’t even try, go straight to Sophia Gardens and take a nice stroll up Cathedral Road instead) there was no pretence just professional and friendly faces from the moment I walked in the door, exactly what you need.

The CUTEST pot of tea arrived as I sat down and James dove straight into my balayage, we chatted away, striking that important balance of good salon chitchat without needing to unnecessarily fill the silence, I finally started to relax for what felt like the first time in months.

Foils all in and a stash of magazines arrived, I always judge a salon by their magazine collection and Goji didn’t disappoint as I was treated to a brand new edition of Elle Decoration (we had been talking about my work as an artist-bonus points for picking this out for me)

A touch of Christmas glamour everywhere with some of the classiest decorations I’ve seen in a long time and I have to admit I was sold. And I’ve not even told you about the real reason I’m here. The products.

Goji is a flagship for Oway an amazing professional range of hair care & colour that is free from:

They use sustainable packaging, organic ingredients and all sourced from fair trade producers across the world. And if they weren’t enough for you they also stock the amazing products from Natulique, which has answered my purple shampoo prayers and finally given me a toxin free, vegan alternative to the last bottle of chemicals in my bathroom!!

I left feeling like a new woman, fresh blonde, hair looking healthier than it has in a long time and very excited to check in again come February for some extra TLC and a browse of their gorgeous spa menu.

If you want to check out Goji then I’m thrilled to share a 20% off code with you all, simply quote “SAF20” when you book your appointment! Enjoyed this post? Let me know your thoughts in the comments


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