Self-Love Week 2017 with Mel Wells

Self Love is something I’m a big believer in although it is often a lot harder in practice and so this week I decided to take the plunge and join @iammelwells on her magical #selfloveweek with a whole host of other goddesses to take part in daily challenges to celebrate ourselves! Surprisingly or perhaps not, it’s harder than you might think to compliment yourself on social media, here is a round up of this weeks challenges. Did you take part in Self Love Week? What challenges did you find the most difficult, and what did you take from it?


After an entire day of thinking I settled on three things:

•I love my creativity. That magical uncontrollable part of my brain & spirit has put me on an amazing path where I get to explore so many jobs, meet so many people and turn my hand to so many things that bring me joy.

• My hair. Sometimes I hate that what people see first is ‘blonde’ but the vast majority of the time it gives me confidence and sass like nothing else so thanks mama for those amazing genes and @guychristiansalon for enhancing them!

•My hands. Without which I could not carry out any of my passions. You allow me to paint daily – praise the lord. You help me dance, run, illustrate, photograph and give out important complimentary facials! My whole world is thanks to how you guys (and my eyes) interpret it. So thanks for being the rough & ready, elegant when needed, hardworking grafters that you are. I promise to reward you with hand cream often.


Today I am diving straight in with ‘what are you proud of?’ This is me sat on the very edge of a very high cliff in Byron Bay this summer which I cannot explain is BEYOND uncharacteristic I HATE being near the edge of something, especially near water. I am by nature a safe, super sensible, always er on the side of caution kinda gal. I also don’t like doing things that I don’t enjoy, and yet what I am most proud of this year is the incredible list of things I’ve done that pushed me so far from my comfort zone & really tested my character.

• This year I ran my first ever half marathon having spent years convincing myself I couldn’t do exercise because sport wasn’t my thing and now I’m training to do it all over again!

• I threw hell to the wind, took two months off work, spent our house deposit and went travelling the world with my gorgeous partner, much to the surprise of quite a few close friends!

• I snorkelled with turtles in Bali despite having an anxiety attack as soon as I got in the water and generally having some major fears to do with putting my head underwater.

• I learnt to surf!! Granted I was awful and ultimately decided it wasn’t for me but I tried despite every bone in my body telling me it was a bad idea!

• I drove around NZ without a map or working phones & (almost) completely let go of my inner control freak.

• And now I’ve set up a business that is super personal to me and that means putting myself out there every single day & facing a lot of rejection but my dreams for it are HUGE and I will not stop chasing them.

There’s a lot to be said for feel the fear and do it anyway. What are you most proud of?


First up, I’m putting it out there I don’t really like this photo, it is one that I can sooo easily nitpick at. Oh the angles wrong, my legs look fat/short/too white blah blah blah and if I think about this for too long I won’t post it. BUT as soon as I saw the challenge today I knew this is what I would post because on this day I felt AMAZING in my magic @kartinithelabel swimsuit. Like a true goddess wandering around paradise in Gili T. And so I’m going to put the negative voice in my head aside and instead say this. I am so proud of my dysfunctional body, for surprising me time and time again with what it can achieve. I quite simply couldn’t do any of the things I love without you and I should spend far more time celebrating that rather than obsessing over the mirror. So thank you body! For all you’ve done, especially this year. I can’t wait to see what adventures we go on next!


So my big dream right now is to create a safe space at thePrettyGreenlife, my corner of the net, that is empowering and positive, that encourages and assists people to put themselves and their mental wellbeing first. A place to provide the tools and advice for prioritising YOU. I’d love to grow my Tropic Tribe and spread the magic of the #greenbeautyrevolution to as many people as possible and show that it is possible to have your very best skin with products that are not only far better for our bodies but also better for the planet and the other beings that live here.
I want to create #tropicbrunchclub and have it be a successful, regular event where likeminded people can share recipes, ideas, books they’ve read, yoga classes they’ve tried, to make that information accessible, fun and easy so better choices become a natural transition and hopefully, I have everything crossed, one day it will be not just normal but celebrated that looking after yourself isn’t self centred or vain, but a point of self love & pride.



If you’d like to join the Goddess Revolution then I highly recommend reading Mel’s brilliant book, you’ll find a link to it on the homepage in our scrolling bookshelf. Bring some positivity into your life and learn how to develop a more freeing more celebratory relationship with yourself.


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