TRIED & TESTED: Ben&Anna’s Sugar Gold

Ben&Anna came onto my radar a few months back when the wonderful Viva Organic opened up in Pontcanna. I had treated myself to one of their AMAZING paper wrapped deodorant sticks and just loved the simplicity of their branding and ingredients. Stripped back ethics and products that actually work! Another cheer for toxin free beauty!

I was so excited and intrigued when Ben&Anna said they were going to send their latest creation to me to test out-Sugar Gold, a hair removal sugar paste. Sugaring has been used for hundreds of years, especially in the Middle East as an alternative to waxing. It uses 100% natural ingredients, making it a better alternative for those with sensitive skin, and unlike waxing is water based so it is much easier to clean up, plus once used it can be composted instead of added to landfill! I’ve dabbled in various hair removal methods in the past (what girl hasn’t!) from some very toxic hair dissolving creams in my teens, expensive epilators, at home waxing strips before settling on simple shaving. But this was my first time ‘sugaring’.

So diving right in, having watched the video on the company Youtube channel to know what to expect, first you place the hard sugar paste, still in its plastic bag in a bowl of hot water to soften for several minutes, then peel the bag away and start to stretch and ‘kneed’ the paste until it turns from a clear honey colour to a pearly white. Worth noting this is STICKY, I had half expected the paste to slip neatly out of the bag once warm but its more like peeling a warm boiled sweet out of a wrapper so expect it to be tacky.

You will feel the consistency as well as the colour change, from tough to soft as you stretch and fold the paste until it is at a point when you can spread it across the area you wish to wax. Then you simply spread the sugar paste in the direction of hair growth and quickly pull back, removing the hairs and exfoliating the top layer of skin. Repeat until you are completely hair free!

If any sticky residue is left on your skin then rinse with warm water and apply your favourite moisturiser, I personally went for my favourite Tropic Body Oil.


Vegan & Cruelty Free

100% Natural Ingredients

Minimal packaging

Leaves skin unbelievably soft & smooth

Simple application method



It gets VERY sticky after continued use

It is a single use product

It isn’t plastic free (but is considerably more plastic free than plastic razor blades, wrapped in plastic, sold in a plastic box…)

Not the best instructions for beginners

Overall I’d say this first experiment with sugaring was a success. I think there is a technique to be learnt to get the most from your bar, and to know how much time you have to work with the product before it gets too soft. I think I would also take the advice on the box and say this is easier to use in smaller areas such as under the arms and on the bikini line rather than taking on both legs in your first attempt, although there is definitely enough product to use on your legs once you’ve nailed the technique and I am sooo happy with how soft my skin feels. There’s absolutely no irritation and once you get over the initial shock of ‘this will sting a bit’ it’s actually pretty painless. I will definitely stock up on a few of these particularly for in the summer months when you need longer lasting results.

A big thank you to Ben&Anna for the gift, if you’d like to try it for yourself you can get this neat box of gold for £4.95 here

If you’ve tried sugaring, I’d love to know what you think! Got any other products you’d like to see reviewed? Don’t forget to put it all in the comments below…


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