TRIED & TESTED: Organic Basics

Now it’s not often that I collaborate with brands, I always want to be absolutely certain that they align with PrettyGreenLife’s message and that it’s something that you guys would benefit from, but when Organic Basics got in touch with their humorous to the point, no bull emails I knew they were a brand worth talking to. Here is a company whose transparency should be admired by all.

Organic Basics believes that sustainability isn’t just a fashionable topic of conversation but it is the core mission of their company they choose fabrics that care for the environment and partner with factories that put ethics first and share their vision for a better world of fashion. You can actually tour each of their European factories on their website, seriously, you can see if it’s a family run company, how many hours their employees work, it’s all there in black and white- nothing to hide.

Now if you understand certifications and abbreviations this might mean more to you than it does to me but from what I gather (extensive research, it’s allllll good stuff!) Class A & B fibres only, GOTS Organic Cotton, GRS certified recycled Nylon, and some very clever technical fabrics that are developed with everything from silver coatings on polymer fibres to Tencel Lyocell made from Eucalyptus wood pulp!! To the rest of us, essentially what all that means is this: fabrics that are always natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable and/or low-impact – tick tick tick!

Now let’s talk about these basics. Comfort is king for me. I’ve always loved clothes and I definitely appreciate design, but I hate compromising on comfort. My favourite pieces in my wardrobe are those soft, reliable essentials that get worn again and again and again. This underwear set, has skyrocketed straight into that list. The fabric is super soft, the cut is flattering, and I really like all the little details, I like that the colour is not just ‘basic’ grey but more blue, I like the little cut out in the bra, and how the brand name catches the light on the elastic.
Sizing is something to be figured out, as bras come in S/M/L rather than “00/AA” but with super helpful customer service and a very detailed size guide you’re sure to get it right. I went for M in both tops and bottoms and normally wear a 10/12 and 34D if that helps!

It’s fair to say that I can’t recommend these guys enough, the wishlist I now have for this brand is extensive (hello SilverTech socks, new Cheeky Bodies, and recycled nylon yoga leggings!) so just in case YOU want to go on a slow fashion spending spree is a discount code for you ‘PRETTYGREENOB’
Switching up my fashion choices is a privilege and a slow process, it involves a lot of research and frankly takes time but thanks to this super generous gift from Organic Basics I can start from the ground up and maybe you can too by picking out a few essentials that will be the foundations of your more ethical wardrobe.

If you enjoyed this review or have any other slow fashion brands that you’d like to recommend then do pop a message in the comments. And if you decide to shop with the discount code then I would love to know which basics make it into your shopping basket!


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