TRIED & TESTED: Rituals Cosmetics Intense Nutrition Hair Mask

My hair is my most loved and at times most neglected accessory and in the Winter it just always needs a bit of a boost which is why I was very excited to receive this gift from Rituals Cosmetics- an ENORMOUS pot of their Intense Nutrition Hair Mask!! This creamy pot of goodness smells INCREDIBLE, enriched with rice milk and macadamia seed oil, you simply massage a small amount (I’d say a tablespoon roughly) into towel dried hair once a week, leave for 5 minutes and then wash out. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever felt my hair so soft!

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Rituals they are a luxury home fragrance and beauty brand based out of the Netherlands bringing Eastern fragrances and traditions straight into your home. We share a belief that beauty and joy can be found every day if we just take a mindful moment to find it, and with Rituals Cosmetics it’s made that much easier. Using carefully blended perfumes they work to transport you away to a far off land, and bring a renewed sense of calm to your life. This is where beauty and well-being walk hand in hand.

All of Ritual’s products are cruelty free, as well as steering clear of parabens, phthalates, MIT, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and microplastics. They use natural ingredients wherever possible, and when they aren’t available, or when it isn’t sustainable to remove them, they used advanced technology to create lab-made alternatives. They have an amazing growing range of eco-refills available that save up to 70% on CO2, 65% on energy and 45% on water, and are part of the Better Cotton Initiative!

Essentially, they know that sustainability is not some passing trend and they’ve made it a cornerstone of their company, acknowledging that it isn’t just our own well-being we need to look after, but our planet’s too.

Whilst not everything on their website is vegan friendly, the majority of it is, ingredients are listed clearly on every product page making it easy to check as long as you know what to look for. Take extra care when shopping Namaste, Ayurveda and the makeup range, eyes peeled for Honey, Beeswax and Carmine, but aside from that you should be totally fine.
It does make it a little harder work, constant development fine tuning the products means there is no definitive list of vegan friendly purchases, and a search of ‘vegan’ online won’t yield any results BUT the super friendly staff at customer services are speedy to answer any questions about specific products so do drop them a message to double check any purchases!

Big thank you to the wonderful team at Rituals for partnering with me, I can’t wait to use this creamy mask again and again (it’s becoming a weekly treat!) and keep an eye on Instagram for more product reviews coming soon to help you create more pockets of peace into your routine!

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