Why ‘Hygge’ will always be at the heart of the PrettyGreenLife

First off I should explain, for those of you that don’t know the first 12 months of building this little corner of the Internet were spent under the name ‘HyggeHealth’.

At a time when I was focused a lot on campaigning for awareness around depression and mental health a book came to my attention. I’ve always been fascinated with Scandinavia and the arrival of ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ fuelled my obsession. Simply put the principles of hygge taught me a huge amount that positively impacted my own mental wellbeing and managed to succinctly summarise my attitudes to food, lifestyle and health.

Hygge doesn’t directly translate into English, often interpreted as Danish for ‘cosy’ I took it to be about a return to tradition. An attitude of stripping back all those things you don’t need and focusing on real honest goodness. For me living in HyggeHealth meant simplicity. Home cooked food, a calm, nourishing home space, and a focus on choices that promoted a healthier relationship with myself and the world around me.

And whilst all of these principles remain true today I feel like we have evolved past that one word. (Add into that I am yet to have anyone say or spell it correctly! We’ve been called Higgy, Huggee and Highga regularly)

HyggeHealth has grown beyond an attitude to lifestyle and some scandi styling. Its become a real home for greenbeauty, for product testing, for Tropic, for daytrips and selfcare tips. It’s fuelled a renewed love for photography and a pride in choosing the cleaner, more sustainable options whenever I can. I fall more in love with my PrettyGreenLife everyday and all I hope is that you’ll join me on this journey as we step into a fresh chapter with new adventures and old philosophies.



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